Resident selection

HOME’s residents are selected on a needs basis not by a waiting list. When referrals are received the Tenancy Committee looks at each referral and requests more information if needed. The Tenancy Committee consists of the Manager of HOME, a member of the HOME Board, the Manager of the local Mental Health Service, a police officer and a community representative. When a referral is approved by the Tenancy Committee it then goes to the HOME Board for final approval.

Code of Conduct

Before a resident moves into HOME they must meet with the manager and other HOME staff as well as their supporters to go through and sign a residential tenancy agreement as well as HOME’s Code of Conduct. Residents understand that they are responsible for paying their rent, electricity, their telephone, keeping their units clean and organising both their breakfast and dinner.


HOME encourages residents to have active and fulfilling lives within their community. This is different for each resident and may include volunteering, working, studying, and involvement in a community organisation of interest. Residents may need extra support from the NDIS or Aged Care to maintain their independence. HOME can assist with setting these services up.