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What we do

HOME is a community initiative providing a loving place for nineteen men and women with enduring mental illness who cannot live independently, or may be at risk of homelessness. We are not here to help people. We are not here to hand out charity. What shapes and drives HOME are these two principles:

That, inspired by Christ, we seek to humbly walk alongside each other, recognising that our dignity and our freedom are caught-up in the dignity and freedom of those we serve and love; and To build a sense of self-worth and belonging to our residents, encouraging and supporting them to live productive and meaningful lives within their community.

And while we must never presume that we ever meet this standard, as long as it remains so, HOME will continue to be a voice for those in our midst who are isolated by enduring mental illness: our mothers, our fathers, our siblings, our friends, our role models … and our unknown.

HOME receives no recurrent government funding. We rely totally on the generosity of the community. It is because of this fantastic support that HOME was able to celebrate its 5th birthday.