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Our vision is to provide a supportive, loving home for people with chronic mental illness: a place where people who are incapable of living independently can live with the dignity and love they deserve; a place, too, where residents will be encouraged to live active and fulfilling lives within their community.

How will the funds be used?

HOME provides 24 hour long-term care for 19 people with chronic mental illness who cannot live independently or are at risk of homelessness. It features 20 self-contained residential apartments in a safe, loving and non-institutional setting. It is a place that encourages residents to live active and fulfilling lives within their community.

HOME does not receive any recurrent government funding; once rents are received, a further $200,000+ p/a is required.

Your donation will assist with staffing and maintenance.

Key Areas of Expenditure

  • Recurrent staff funding and maintenance
  • Community awareness and education
  • Outreach support


Are donations tax deductible?

Will I receive a receipt for my donation?
Yes, immediately sent to you by email when approved.

Donate to HOME in Queanbeyan Inc (HOME) – Loving care at home for people with mental illness.